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The changing market in Saudi Arabia – impact on consumer insights

 Generating consumer insights in Saudi Arabia – a challenge in changing times

Enter the era of change, not just in Saudi Arabia but across the entire Middle East. Falling oil prices, reforms and social changes mean that what marketing research companies knew in UAE is changing. For example 5 years ago about consumer insights is rapidly approaching expiry dates.

The huge proliferation of social media has led to consumer behavior and choices changing faster than ever. Unboxed Consulting is a Marketing Research Company and can deliver fresh Consumer Insights in Saudi Arabia.

The Expo 2020 in UAE and the Vision 2030 in KSA is changing the landscape radically in the GCC. The key to getting to the pulse of the consumer is finding a good consumer research company in KSA (Saudi Arabia). They can use methodologies ranging from ethnography to digital blogs and co-creation workshops as well as quantitative research methodologies like CAI interviews in the Middle east. This helps synthesize consumer insights in Middle East and deliver actionable marketing research to marketers.

Unboxed Consulting is also doing large scale Quantitative research in KSA for a variety of FMCG clients to identify market opportunities.  Traditional marketing research companies in UAE and KSA are also adapting to the changes. With the highest penetration of mobile phones in the world and heavy social media usage means more and more marketers are going on digital and social media platforms to deliver their messages. Qualitative research companies in Saudi Arabia are also seeing the benefit of changing society. This is opening up more, allowing for more photo and video output being possible in studies – e.g. creating pen portraits of consumers

The key to success is to look at the leading marketing research and consumer research companies in KSA and UAE. These are the two most important markets in this region.


Author : Dipen Mehta is the Managing Director of Unboxed Consulting – a company that specialises in consumer insights in Saudi Arabia (who also does B2B research) in UAE, Egypt, India North Africa and parts of Sub-Sahara Africa. They are also specialized as a Qualitative research company in Saudi Arabia and have done path breaking work there

Consumer insightsin Saudi Arabia
Consumer Insights in Saudi Arabia

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